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LV CEO Not in Favor of Gambling Legalization

If you ever wondered about the general thoughts on internet gambling in Las Vegas, likely you guessed they were positive. Las Vegas is a city that has long built its reputation on offering great gambling to the world. Most of its lawmakers and leaders are all for expansion right now. They see the hugeness of […]

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Betting House Edge

Sports Betting and The House Edge   Introduction   Before we begin about discussing Sports Betting House Edge involved, let’s first understand the concept of House Edge.     The house edge is nothing but a internal mechanism for the sports bettors, lottery administrators and casinos to make a fixed amount of money on each […]

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Playing High Limit Betting

  Playing High Limit Betting : What does it mean to be a High Roller     Introduction   High Limit Betting is something which can be experienced by the VIP Gamblers. A VIP Gambler can be determined by his high stakes bets and transactions involving huge amounts of money. In real casinos, such players […]

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