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7s and Stripes

How lucky are you feeling? 7s and Stripes is a three-reel slots available that is sure to test out your winning touch. It’s a very classic type of slots as you’ve got to hit the lucky sevens for the big payday. The game also has a patriotic feel too it as it’s a good ‘ol red, white and blue color set.


While the biggest payout comes from lining up the sevens across the three reels, there are a number of other ways to win. If you’re the type that loves to keep it simple and prefers to play straightforward, effortless games, this is it for you. Just sit down, relax and have a few spins around the wheel as you connect on a few big payouts and build the bankroll.


2 Million BC


When you play 3D slots like 2 Million BC, prepare for hours of entertainment topped off with plenty of opportunities for a solid payday. The story revolves around a big, hairy caveman named Oogh, and his mission to bring diamonds home to his beloved wife. With surprises for Oogh around every corner, there’s never a dull moment. Set in the jungle, you’ll be spinning the reels past all sorts of ancient treasures, jewels, stones and even a formidable saber-toothed cat.

We can’t be sure that this online slot is an entirely accurate depiction of prehistoric life but it’s a great escape from reality. Available at Slots.LV (who also offer casino bonuses), it’s up there among the best free slots we’ve played in terms of entertainment value. In our view, the theme is very imaginative and well executed. As well as giving you plenty of chances to win, 2 Million BC has clever animation, fun bonus features and quirky characters.