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Get the latest slots related news updates from both online and land based casinos. Find the latest games and the best bonuses in the industry. Our news feed is frequently updated with stories concerning slots related legislation, game development, and new bonuses as they become available.

slot machines
The Power of Slot Machines

The power of slot machines has long been the talk of the market. The games began relatively out of the blue back in the late 1800s. Charles Fey was the inventor and his creation soon took off. Though it started in San Francisco California, the game was in high demand all over the country. Quickly, […]

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Asian Gambling Market
The Asian Gambling Market

One of the fastest growing gambling markets right now is the Asian Gambling Market one. Asia is a country that no one would have though would have taken off quite like it did. If you look at the biggest revenue growth, it is countries like Macau and Singapore that have taken off. A few years […]

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Poker Continues its Rebound

Since Black Friday, the state of poker has been up in the air. Would the shutting down of the three main poker websites in the US by the Department of Justice cause people to stop gambling? Would it cause people to stop gambling in the US? Would it turn away millions of dollars as a […]

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