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Understanding Betting Bonuses

Understanding Betting Bonuses : A Beginners Perspective




The Online betting industry is growing exponentially every year and it no longer transcends to just card games or casino games.



Betting has also branched out to sports in the online arena, also known as "Online Sports Betting".

However so, the business has become extremely competitive over the past few years and each one is trying to out do the other by luring potential gamblers with bonuses.

bovada online sports betting site The bookmakers have resorted to this age old method for years now and everyone does see headlines and gambling landing pages such as “Join NOW to get a SIGNUP Bonus of 50% or 100% or 200% or even 400% etc”.

If we consider this example, we can understand that as soon as we sign up with the above online sports betting website, they not only give us the deposit of the actual funds infused, but over and above that they offer us an additional amount, which is up to 500% of the value of the funds infused.

• However, does this imply that one can simply infuse funds and then cash out the very next moment to earn a 50% profit within a few minutes?

The Answer is NO, most of these online betting websites have terms and conditions that help them to actively avoid such abusers of Betting Bonuses and enable them to run a financially sustainable business model.

• Hence, when one is considering betting online, he/she must simply Understand Betting Bonuses better, in order to make the wise choice and invest their money better.

• Capped Betting Bonuses.

The very first thing that one MUST consider before infusing funds into an online betting site, is that the betting bonus is more often than not restricted to a certain amount. That is, the extent to which a gambler can receive a bonus on their initial buy-in us capped.

• If we consider the above example of a betting bonus of 50% then the online sports betting website may set a specific amount beyond which you may not receive a bonus. If the amount is set at 500 USD then any investor who infuses upto 1000 USD will get a clear 50% bonus, However, any amount over 1000 USD will also get 500 USD as bonus and not more.

• Rollover Requirement

Most of the online sports betting sites that offer Betting Bonuses at Sign-up often have a rollover requirement too, this implies that the player cannot withdraw the amount he/she has won until the minimum number of times the original buy-in is risked.

• To understand this, we consider the above example itself, in which upon signing up with the online betting site he receives a 50% bonus.

However, this bonus of 50% is attached to a roller requirement of 10x. This implies that since the player was granted a bonus, he is now required to bet 10x (10 times) the original buy-in (May or may not include the bonus) in order to cash out his winnings.

Realistically, professional players avoid such rollover tie ups, while casual players prefer a small bonus percentage as it usually transcends to a smaller rollover requirement as well.


Though, Betting Bonuses primarily deal with welcome bonus, however, online sports betting sites do offer other bonuses as well such as reload bonus, free bets, loyalty reward programs as well, but one must be careful while accepting such terms and signing-up.

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LV CEO Not in Favor of Gambling Legalization

If you ever wondered about the general thoughts on internet gambling in Las Vegas, likely you guessed they were positive.

Las Vegas is a city that has long built its reputation on offering great gambling to the world. Most of its lawmakers and leaders are all for expansion right now. They see the hugeness of the gambling market and want to keep on building on it.

There is an opportunity now that wasn’t there in the past. If you enjoy wagering likely you have at least visited the area. The biggest return that the city has with its gambling is the revenue that comes in.

The revenue is something that is on the up rise now that the recession is over. It is being developed, but not all legislators and leaders are in favor of it.

Recently Las Vegas Sands CEO Chairman Sheldon Adelson stated that he is not in support of a bill to legalize online gambling. He made waves in the area due to how against online legalization for gambling he really is. He believes that the online gambling world should not be a part of the Nevada economy. His main reasoning for denying the bill is because there exists no viable online poker law. This doesn’t mean that he never will support it if one is created, but for now he is opting out of the entire issue.

This comes as a surprise to most Nevada-based casino owners. For the most part they have been in support of the bill needed to legalize online gambling.

Gambling of course is a billion-dollar business right now and online gambling makes up a huge part of that.

People love the convenience of wagering from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. They know that there are many different elements to gaming and playing at home, cuts out a lot of the inconvenience of the issues.

They get to keep on playing without having to deal with traffic or scheduling. This is a huge advantage. Many lawmakers and leaders in Nevada are positive about the pending online gambling laws, but for now Adelson is not one of them.

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Betting House Edge

Sports Betting and The House Edge
Before we begin about discussing Sports Betting House Edge involved, let’s first understand the concept of House Edge.



The house edge is nothing but a internal mechanism for the sports bettors, lottery administrators and casinos to make a fixed amount of money on each and every bet that is made.

The logic to it is the higher the percentage of the house edge, the lower is the winning sum for the player who placed the bet. While, the lower the percentage for the house edge, the higher shall be the winning sum for the bettor.

• The simple equation that helps us calculate the house edge can be given as the following:


House Edge = {(Fair Winnings from Game – Actual Winnings from Game)/ Fair Winnings from Game} * 100.

Similarly, when we consider sports betting, there is a simple representation that the bookmakers consider.

Let us take the example of a simple fight between two boxers. They both are equally poised to win the game, in such a situation, if two friends bet 10 US Dollars on each boxer, the person who bet on the winning boxer will get 20 US Dollars.

However, if the same bet was placed by the two friends via a sports bookmaker they would get 19.1 US Dollars instead of the usual 20 US Dollars.

In such a scenario the house edge for a sports bet would be calculated as follows:

House Edge = (10-9.1)/10*100=0.09*100=9%


Thus, the above calculation represents how the bookmakers earn from players. In such a manner, the Online Sportsbooks earn as well.

The House Edge may be lowered by some in order to attract more bets, but usually the 9% House Edge on Sports Bet is prevalent in the United States of America.

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Playing Legal Betting

Playing Legal Betting: The Correct Way to Supplement your Income

Introduction and History

Betting has been a sports to many for years. Beginning from the earliest of civilizations, when people would bet over animal fights such as ostrich, cock, bull fights. 

Slowly people even began betting on races of animals such as dogs and horses, some of which exist till date. 

Even in the Roman civilization, Gladiator fights were not only a spectacle, but an avenue for people to bet with their belongings. In earlier civilizations, people did not bet like people do today. Back then, people would bet with their belongings such as their livestock, gold ornaments or copper vessels. Certain male dominant cultures would even bet with their wives at stake. When slavery was very much in society, people would even trade slaves after losing bets. Much later people, began seeing a business in betting. 

Over a period of centuries various avenues for betting popped up. These include Horse Races on proper tracks, with an organized set-up, rather than spur of the day betting. 

This enabled people to be well-informed before hand and they would save up in anticipation of the event, while smiling betting events let people with daily wages to come in and bet to double a certain portion of their wage or lose it all.

Sports Betting

Slowly betting began extending it’s wings to the world of sport and players began betting on the game as a whole and even on smaller occurrences during the game which helped them win or lose small amounts without having to wait for the entire game to pan out. 

Sports such as Boxing, the betting is seen for the whole match’s outcome and on individual rounds as well. Sports such as Cricket involve betting on the final outcome of the game and even on each and every delivery of the game in the form of micro bets.

In the game of football, players can bet on the entire season as a whole and micro bets on each game with payouts at holiday season such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Governments and Betting

Eventually organized betting and gambling spread like a wildfire and in certain countries, the government stepped in to prevent compulsive gamblers from gambling away a fortune. The government also prefers monitoring the gambling and online betting activities as the system can be rigged easily and the funds are often unreported for taxes and even used for funding illegal activities such as narcotics, liquor businesses and even terrorism. 

Therefore, Betting was made illegal in various countries, however, in those countries in which it is yet legal, there are lengthy processes and endless paper work that needs to be completed in order for one to open a Legal Betting activity such as a casino, or a race track for horse racing for instance.


Hence, it is of utmost importance that any player who wants to indulge in any sort of activity that involves betting must first check if his/her betting centre/portal is legal, has all necessary certifications and permissions to operate, failing which players and the organizations, both can be in serious trouble surmounting to huge fines and even imprisonment in certain countries.


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Playing High Limit Betting


Playing High Limit Betting : What does it mean to be a High Roller



High Limit Betting is something which can be experienced by the VIP Gamblers. A VIP Gambler can be determined by his high stakes bets and transactions involving huge amounts of money. In real casinos, such players are entitled to additional perks such as access to Private Tables; they are given limousines along with chauffeurs to transport them and they are put up in exclusive suites or penthouses.

Apart from non-gambling related perks VIP guests/players who indulge in Playing High Limit Betting are entitled to some perks in the Casino as well, those include:


Better Rules:


The players who indulge in High Limit Betting are commonly referred to as “High Rollers”. These high rollers are subject to differential treatment by the casinos. A simple example of this can be seen in the “House Edge” between some of the biggest casinos in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The House edge at the MGM Grand is approximately 0.255% for a game of Blackjack, with a minimum bet of 100 US Dollars. While the House edge at a smaller casino such as the Cosmopolitan is approximately 1.830% for the same game of Blackjack, the minimum bet is approximately 10 times lower and is set at 10 US Dollars. Thus, Casinos prefer offering a lower house edge to High Rollers as the sheer size of their bets make up for the lost percentage.

Better Comps and Special Packages:


The players who indulge in Playing High Limit Betting get better negotiations, such as a lower rate of house edge and apart from that they do get a bunch of perks. A case study here is that of legendary Blackjack player Don Johnson, who made the best of the Great American Recession in the year 2010 and approached big casinos for playing blackjack at 100,000 USD per hand, in return he bargained for a lower house rate and a 20% loss rebate as well. Not only did this enable him to win more money but also helped him to arrive in style at the casino in his private jet, but also win more without risking a lot.


Casinos take risks for high limit players:




Most of the High Limit Betting involves extending an incredible credit system for the High Rollers, however, in doing so the casinos are putting themselves at a big risk as the High Rollers may even take a big amount in credit, running into millions of dollars, and then when they end up losing, they may not repay and the casinos may have to file a lawsuit in order to recover the money.

The major risk that the casinos take when recovering the money is that the borrower may actually end up declaring bankruptcy in order to avoid paying the debt or they may also claim in court that the casino indeed took advantage of their gambling addiction.


However, these are statistically a small number of cases, and casinos often offer a good credit limit to people who are actively involved in High Limit Betting.


Online Roulette : History and it’s Modernization




Roulette is one of the most popular casino games across the globe. Roulette is a French word which literally translates to little wheel.

In this particular game, the players can bet on a variety of parameters involving the final outcome which is a single number ranging from 0-37 in case of French or European Roulette and 0-38 in the case of American Roulette.

The game involves a wheel and the croupier usually spins the wheel in one direction and then spins the ball in the opposite direction, the ball moves along the circular track around the wheel and after losing momentum it falls on the wheel, into one of the pockets. Since each of the number is placed in a colored pocket, the various parameters on which the players can bet involve:

• A Single Number:

Betting on a single number is the single most risky bet in the game, as the odds of achieving success are extremely low and hence, the casinos offer the most returns for successful bets too.

• The Colors being Red or Black:

Red or black are the two colors in which the numbers are placed in pockets alternatively and thus, one can bet on the color of the pocket in which the roulette ball shall land. The odds being 1/2.

• The Final Number being Odd or Even:

Players can even bet of the final number being odd or even, this too has a 50-50 chance like betting on color of the ball.

• Betting on High or Low:

The final outcome can be grouped as high or low, the numbers ranging from 1-18 are low in nature while the numbers above 19 are high.

Again since this classification has two groups and thus the odds are 50-50.

Much like the modernization of all the arcade games around us, casino games have also moved to online portals, thereby reaching a wider audience and encouraging a lot more players to play actively on a regular basis. Some of the advantages of playing Roulette online are given below:

• Convenience :

A player doesn’t need to book a flight or drive down to a casino far away, after putting in a few days of leave at the office, instead he/she can now play on their mobile phones at any given place, any given hour, without any restrictions.

• Freebies and Bonuses :

If you are a regular player the brick and mortar casino may offer you some amazing credit however, if you are not the high roller, they have higher percentages of house edges for you and online roulette portals can give you sign-up bonuses, free games and a chance to invest minimum and get maximum returns.

• Crowds :

Most of the brick and mortar casinos have to gather players around the table on weekdays and wait for them to place their bets before the croupier spins the wheel, however, the trend is quite different on weekends, when you have to wait endlessly to get a spot on the table and then to place a bet at their pace.

To avoid the disparities and most of the common issues faced by players in brick and mortar casinos, online roulette is a great opportunity for enthusiasts.



Online Blackjack : History and it’s modernization




Blackjack is one of the most popular betting games across the globe. Commonly known as twenty-one as well, the game is played between 2 to 7 seven players and usually involves the players not playing against one another but the players play against the dealer to win.

The game involves using 1 to 8 decks of cards depending upon the number of players, in other words, the number of cards in the deck vary from 52 to 416. Each of the cards represent their own value and the face cards represent the value 10. An ace is the most important card in the game, with it being worth 1 or 11, depending upon the player.

BlackJack is the most widely played casino game in the world and it’s popularity is unprecedented. The game usually involves two cards being dealt to each player. The player can then draw additional cards if he or she wants to score 21, there are 3 ways in which the player can then beat the dealer who traditionally has two cards as well, one face down and one exposed.

The player can win if:

• He hits a blackjack with the two cards that were dealt, this is a natural blackjack. If the dealer fails to hit a Blackjack, the player has the highest success rate with this.

• If the player reaches a higher score than the dealer, without exceeding the value of 21.

• If the player makes the dealer draw additional cards until their hand exceeds the value of 21.

The thrill of the game is immense and is relatively simpler in comparison to other card games, therefore it has a huge number of players, who want to not only play it at casinos, but on the go as well, hence, over the last few years a number of online blackjack portals have opened up, which may not scintillate you as much as the real thing however, they do a fair job of entertaining you.

Online Blackjack has various advantages as well:

• Cost Effective

The entire experience of playing Blackjack online is cost effective, as all one needs is a good smartphone with a good internet connection and then he/she is ready to play after betting some money via their credit/debit cards. Instead of having to visit a traditional casino, after taking a vacation, perhaps a long drive and stay expenses are incurred too.

• Bonuses

The online tables for blackjack offer the player a bonus for signing up, a loyalty bonus and even let you make bets at table for 20% lesser than a brick and mortar casino.

• Convenience and Anonymity

A Player while playing blackjack online just needs to ensure the legitimacy of the website and then he can begin playing in the comfort of his home without the need to reveal their real name or face to the world.

Besides the above advantages Online Blackjack also allows players to move from one table to another freely and they do not need to worry about playing too quickly, as the dealer doesn’t pressurise you to play quick.

Online Blackjack is only what a true player can dream of in every aspect.


Online Casinos and Comp Points




Online Casinos have revolutionized the gaming world and casinos ever since their popularization over the last decade.

Avid players who would have to apply for leave from their daily jobs in order to travel miles and reach their favorite casino after spending money on flight tickets and hotel suites can now play within the comforts of their home/workspace and all they require is a stable Internet connection and a mobile phone or a laptop for a desired mobile betting. Players can play at any hour of the day, in any sort of clothing and most importantly they can play anonymously. 

Casino gaming is generally perceived to be for those who wield their luck like a sword and have the ability to end up on the winning side, however, this is extremely untrue and this involves a lot of skill as well.




The most played casino games such a Texas Hold ‘em Poker and Blackjack; both involve a good amount of skill and the ability to do quick mental math. Casino gaming is much like any other sport and equires one to practice in order to increase the odds of success..

Most of the online casinos frequently hand out bonuses, upon signing up or upon winning a certain amount of money or on infusing a certain amount of money for a buy-in. Many a times, the casinos also provide gambling insurance, to minimize the losses of regular players and for certain high rollers, casinos also provide amenities for a comfortable living while with them.

In case of the brick and mortar casinos, they offer comp points which can mostly be redeemed against their in-house services such as the spas or a limousine ride to and from the airport, they do also allow comp points to be exchanged for room upgrades.


However, when it comes to online casinos, these facilities cannot be offered directly for comp points, here a player must understand the very definition of comp points and online portals too must think from the perspective of the player as: Comp points are an effective form of consolation tokens.

These are usually a fixed amount of points which are pre-announced for every game on the portal. The comp points and bonuses are awarded to each and every individual no matter how much he wins or loses. The comp points enable the casinos, online or offline ones to ensure that the players do keep returning to the casinos and don’t feel top ejected when they lose.

The ratio of the comp points vary from casino to casino, but these are usually a 10-100 times their face value in actual currency, i.e. for every 100 points a casino may offer anything between 1 to 10 Dollars in the United States.




Hence, each and every player has the liberty to research before zeroing in on one online casino portal which is not only legitimate but also provides them benefits and a lot of returns on their investments via comp points.