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Online Casinos have revolutionized the gaming world and casinos ever since their popularization over the last decade.

Avid players who would have to apply for leave from their daily jobs in order to travel miles and reach their favorite casino after spending money on flight tickets and hotel suites can now play within the comforts of their home/workspace and all they require is a stable Internet connection and a mobile phone or a laptop for a desired mobile betting. Players can play at any hour of the day, in any sort of clothing and most importantly they can play anonymously. 

Casino gaming is generally perceived to be for those who wield their luck like a sword and have the ability to end up on the winning side, however, this is extremely untrue and this involves a lot of skill as well.




The most played casino games such a Texas Hold ‘em Poker and Blackjack; both involve a good amount of skill and the ability to do quick mental math. Casino gaming is much like any other sport and equires one to practice in order to increase the odds of success..

Most of the online casinos frequently hand out bonuses, upon signing up or upon winning a certain amount of money or on infusing a certain amount of money for a buy-in. Many a times, the casinos also provide gambling insurance, to minimize the losses of regular players and for certain high rollers, casinos also provide amenities for a comfortable living while with them.

In case of the brick and mortar casinos, they offer comp points which can mostly be redeemed against their in-house services such as the spas or a limousine ride to and from the airport, they do also allow comp points to be exchanged for room upgrades.


However, when it comes to online casinos, these facilities cannot be offered directly for comp points, here a player must understand the very definition of comp points and online portals too must think from the perspective of the player as: Comp points are an effective form of consolation tokens.

These are usually a fixed amount of points which are pre-announced for every game on the portal. The comp points and bonuses are awarded to each and every individual no matter how much he wins or loses. The comp points enable the casinos, online or offline ones to ensure that the players do keep returning to the casinos and don’t feel top ejected when they lose.

The ratio of the comp points vary from casino to casino, but these are usually a 10-100 times their face value in actual currency, i.e. for every 100 points a casino may offer anything between 1 to 10 Dollars in the United States.




Hence, each and every player has the liberty to research before zeroing in on one online casino portal which is not only legitimate but also provides them benefits and a lot of returns on their investments via comp points.