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In the realm of gambling, mobile betting on sports and casinos could not be left out, since the world communicate on a hight percentage via mobile devices and all sources mobile platforms. It deserve to have a page that talks about mobile betting and the strategy.

Applying a mobile betting strategy when playing games while online gambling it's crucial whether is games of chance or games of skill. Due to the fact that it could be for just having fun or to intent to make real money, mobile betting can be done from a tablet (iPad, mini iPad, any type of Android tablet), smartphones, mobile phones and any wireless device. 

Ever since the smartphone where actually capable to emaulate a lot of functions a computer could do, then the casino operators developed the casino games to be played on all mobile devices available in the market. 

Too often people learn the proper strategy for playing a game – which hands are the best in poker, when to hit in blackjack – but they don’t learn the right way to bet.

People may think that betting is common sense, but since I’ve seen plenty of people make bad betting decisions, even if it’s sense it doesn’t seem to be common. All of the advice I give you can apply to mobile betting or betting inside a casino that offers mobile gambling, though the focus is on betting online with your cell phone.

The first and best piece of mobile betting advice I can give you is to never bet more than you can afford to lose. When you play any casino game, the odds are stacked against you, so you have a better chance of losing than of winning. Therefore, you should make every bet with the understanding that you could lose everything. If you can’t afford to lose it, if it would be a financial burden to you, don’t bet it. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Keeping the previous rule in mind, you should always make a betting game plan ahead of time and stick with it. Before you ever start playing, you should plan out how much money you want to bet. No matter what happens while playing, whether you’re on a hot streak, a cold streak or anywhere in between, you need to stick to your plan and don’t spend any more money. If or when you run out, pack it up and stop playing. It is the safest and smartest way to play.

Another wise mobile betting strategy is to protect your winnings. Too many people make the following mistake. They’re playing blackjack or some other game, get in a good streak and have earned some decent money. Thinking that they can double that money, they decide to bet all of their winnings. The streak ends and they lose it all.

As I mentioned before, smart betting is to decide on a dollar amount that you will bet and bet nothing over that, no matter what happens to you, good or bad. If you follow that strategy, then you would never bet your winnings, which would guarantee that you won’t lose them. At the very least, if I can’t convince you to save all of it, you should set aside a portion of the winnings that you won’t bet.


Don’t get greedy. You always have a better chance of losing your winnings than of doubling them. Like I said, the odds are stacked against you.


The other mobile betting tip that I will give you is to use flat betting, which means to bet the same amount every time. There are a lot of different betting strategies out there and none of them work. They are designed to overcome the house edge, but over time they do nothing to lower the edge.


The martingale strategy is a particularly popular betting strategy. At its simplest, the martingale strategy is doubling your bet after each loss. The thinking is that if you keep doubling your bet each time you lose, when you do win you will get all of your money back.

A major problem with this strategy is that if you have a long losing streak you will lose a ton of money and will likely run out of money to bet before you get to that win where you would have won the money back. You need a large bankroll for the martingale strategy, and even if you do, statistics show that flat betting is a better idea.


Overall, the best mobile betting tip applies to any sort of betting, and that’s simply to use your head and play it smart. Remember that you’re trying to have fun and don’t get caught up in whatever is happening at the time.