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If you go to a casino and listen for the loudest table, chances are you’ll find the craps table.

Without a doubt craps is one of the most exciting and emotionally-charged games in casinos today. It seems that people who aren’t afraid of raw emotion gravitate towards craps. It’s a very fast-paced game and can easily intimidate new gamblers.

In fact, some new gamblers stay clear of the craps table due to the emotion emanating from the players. 

In French, craps means “toad” and it’s a dice-rolling game. Players wager against each other or the house on the outcome of the rolls, or on a series of rolls. Part of its popularity comes from the easy-play. All you need are a pair of die to play craps. Because of this it can be easily transported and played while traveling.

The player rolling is called the “shooter” and the first roll of the dice is referred to as the “come out roll”. 7 and 11 are the winning numbers and 2, 3 and 12 are losing numbers.

However if the shooter hits a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 it is marked as his/her “points” and if the player hits the same numbers as his points before hitting a 7, he wins. If a player hits 7 before then, he loses and it’s the next players turn.

The next player can pass this turn of shooting the dice and continue betting. However, the new “shooter” needs to pay at least the table minimum on “win”, “right”, “don’t win” or “wrong” bets for the next shooter’s outcome. Dice rolling rotates clockwise around the table. Like most games, the best way to learn craps is to watch.

If you’re at a casino, perch yourself by a craps table and watch how the game goes. If you are betting online, then find a website that allows you to watch play and do the same. 

Although it’s a quick game, you should be able to see how the rules play out with some attentive watching. There are also “help” areas online that can give you some instructions and helpful-hints to play. Be sure to visit these to increase your chances of winning when you start actual play. 

Don’t be intimidated by the loud craps table. With some study and a little watching, you can feel confident and join play with them. It may take some time, learn at your own pace, but the payoff will be a lot of fun and hopefully some winnings!