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7s and Stripes

How lucky are you feeling? 7s and Stripes is a three-reel slots available that is sure to test out your winning touch. It’s a very classic type of slots as you’ve got to hit the lucky sevens for the big payday. The game also has a patriotic feel too it as it’s a good ‘ol red, white and blue color set.


While the biggest payout comes from lining up the sevens across the three reels, there are a number of other ways to win. If you’re the type that loves to keep it simple and prefers to play straightforward, effortless games, this is it for you. Just sit down, relax and have a few spins around the wheel as you connect on a few big payouts and build the bankroll.


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When we play real money online slots, we’re looking for three key components: fun, entertainment and the chance to get lucky and win a cash prize. This 5-reel 3D slot game easily delivers in all three areas. The storyline is not forced upon you; it simply plays out tactfully in the background and offers you a funny glimpse into Oogh’s life. There are solid bonus features with lots of chances to win, as well as eye-catching animation. What’s more, the mechanics of the game are easy to follow – you’ll be placing your bets and hitting spin in no time!

The first feature we experienced was the simple yet rewarding free-spins feature, triggered by landing on three or more camp fires. Day turns to night, the camp fire is lit and Oogh has a big smile on his face as he eagerly watches the outcome of your automatic free spins.

We also like the Saber Attack Feature. If you get an acorn on reel 5 as you’re playing, it’ll be whisked away and stowed on top of the reels. When you collect three acorns, the feature starts. Oogh climbs on top of the reels, a saber-toothed cat appears on the ground and you’ll be tasked with helping Oogh throw acorns and take it out.

There’s also the Sabertooth Diamond Bonus Round, which is short but sweet. It’s triggered when you get three or more diamonds in a winning combination. You’ll see a sleeping saber-toothed cat in the jungle, hiding a diamond. You need to choose how the caveman should steal the diamond. Should he sneak up, attack or amuse? We chose to amuse and out comes the caveman-style microphone and stage for a performance. It was a horrible performance but short-lived and it worked – the diamond was his! Fun features like this are exactly the reason we like to play 3D slots.

Oogh isn’t the most attractive character to watch when you play slots, and he’s impatient too. We like how he taps his toe with his hands on his hips if you spend too much time relaxing in between spins. Despite his flaws, he did okay for himself two millions years BC and he seems committed to making his sweetheart happy and finding her all the diamonds he can.

The happy couple like to celebrate some of your wins together. Your first glimpse will be Oogh showing some very excitable body language (we’ll leave the details as a surprise but we promise it’ll make you laugh). A red love heart will also appear and Oogh and his wife come together for a kiss. What happens next is slightly confusing though – she hits him over the head with a wooden club for no apparent reason and starts to drag him away!

Overall, we found this game to be very amusing. The range of features, impressive animation and original storyline will keep you entertained for hours. If you like to play online slots, and if you have even a slight interest in the prehistoric theme on offer, then 2 Million BC is a game you won’t want to miss.