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So, you're thinking of gambling at an online casino for real money.  Let's talk about the benefits, what to look for in a good casino and some basic tips.

The benefits:

You can win real money!  I do really count that as number 1.  I'm not gambling online with my money if that possibility isn't there.

You'll have better odds at some games than you would at a brick and mortar casino.  There are lots of online casinos competing for your gambling dollar, so the slot games have to pay out enough to lure you back.

And the video poker games have to offer the best payout odds. Or you would just jump over to another casino because Gambling online is convenient! Just login from your home computer and start playing. Don't like the games? Log off and go somewhere else in a matter of clicks.  This is the benefit that the brick and mortar casinos are struggling to compete against.  Play anytime, anyplace!

What to look for in an online casino

Are they accredited and guaranteed for fair play? An online casino should display this information on the bottom of its entry page.  Look for eCOGRA casinos or TST Certified casinos.

Are they running on the best casino software out there? Look for casinos that run on platforms such as Microgaming, Cryptologic, Real Time Gaming (RTG), and Vegas Technology.  These reputable software providers have been supporting online casinos for years.

Read casino reviews and check casino blacklists.  If an online casino doesn't work to keep its reputation solid, the world soon hears about it.  A quick web search for casino blacklists will turn up any bad eggs.


Choose the best games to play

Remember I said that the slot games often pay out better at an online casino? Well, even taking that into account, they can offer some of the worst odds in the casino.  They are easy to play and some of the online games are downright entertaining. But they aren't the best games for your money.  Roulette, scratch cards and Keno are also on the "give it a miss" list.  Instead, learn to play blackjack or at least video poker. 


Learn a good strategy

The reason blackjack and video poker are great games to play when you play for money is because a good strategy can move that house edge in your favor. They aren't games for amateurs.  So do your homework and practice your strategy first. And remember, at an online casino, you can take all the time you need to consult your strategy card and decide on your next move.

Decide of the bonuses are right for you

Most online casinos offer a variety of enticing sign up bonuses. Read the terms and conditions first.  And in case you didn't hear me — READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FIRST!  Remember I said blackjack and video poker have better odds?  Well, that why you often can't redeem any money won on a deposit bonus unless you play slots.  Make sure that you don't lock yourself into a game you don't want to play.

Manage your bankroll

Playing for real money means you can lose real money. Set limits for yourself. Know how much you can afford to wager and stop when you reach that limit.  Don't depend on the next spin of the reels or the next flop of the cards to dig you out of a hole. Set limits and stick to them.

If you follow these tips and make your choices wisely, you'll feel confident playing online for real money.  Good luck.