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For many years slots games were mechanical machines that had three reels and a handle for the player to pull on. If a winning combination hit the player would win some money. Simple, effective, but not the most entertaining game one could play in a casino. Over the last 100 years the games have evolved in many different ways. Electronic online slots revolutionized how online slots game players play the games, and today�s slots game players have a bevy of game types from which to choose.


Today online slots game players can choose from traditional three reel slots, five reel slots, 3D slots, progressive slots, and mobile slots games. Many even provide slot games for mac. Each offers their own entertainment value and are themed with some type of subject matter that appeals to certain players. New slots games are being offered by online casinos every few months and the future of video slots games is focused on improved player experience.


Whether you re a classic slots player or you enjoy the state-of-the-art video and sound effects of the latest 3D slots games, Slots.com can help you find the games that meet your taste and action levels. Slots.com monitors live progressive jackpots and offers reviews of the top progressive jackpot games online casinos offer. We also update players on new industry developments and game releases. If you�re new to playing online slots here�s a basic breakdown of how each type of online slots game plays out.

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Players seeking real money online slots tips often have questions about the games and how to play slots. The slots rules for online games are much like the slot machines that people play in land-based casinos, except that they offer players a few more options. Online slots games are far easier to access, offer superior video and sound effects, and accumulate massive progressive jackpots that anyone can play for from anywhere – on their computer or mobile device. Some common slots FAQ for new online slots game players are:


Do I have to deposit money to play? Many new players are under the assumption that they have to play for real money right away when they play online slots. That�s simply not true. Most reputable online casinos offer free-to-play games so players can test out a game and see if they like it before depositing money and playing for real jackpots. Flash games can be played instantly without having to download software, giving new players the chance to see if a game is right for them.


How do I collect money if I win a jackpot? When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, sites like Slots.com become very important. Slots.com reviews most of the online casinos and recommends the ones that provide online slots game players with the best services. Not all online casinos will pay out winnings the same way. Slots.com will inform players of the best casinos to play on and which ones offer the fastest payout services.


Is my personal information secure? One of the most common issues new online slots players have with registering online is the security of their personal information. Once again sites like Slots.com will inform players of what type of encryption certain online casinos use. Most online casinos have state of the art security and will not share email addresses with third-party companies. If a player sticks to the most reputable casinos they can rest assured that their personal information is safe.

House Edge

House edge is a term that refers to the profit that a casino will earn from player action. Each slots game has a payout percentage. Most online slots games have a payout percentage of 90% or more. That means that 90% of the money put into a game will be paid back out in winnings to random players. The remaining 10% is the profit, or house edge. Every game in any casino holds a house edge, some games more than others.


These percentages are averages over a large number of spins, and it�s unlikely that a single player would experience getting back 90% of what they put into a game during a single session. If they played long enough the number would get closer to 90%, but in one session a player can experience just about any percentage of loss or windfall. It all depends on being the lucky one in the game when it pays out.


Basic Rules

 The rules of slots are simple: Place a bet and spin the reels. Some new video slots games offer interactive features where the player can choose from options to win free spins or credits during a bonus round. Game play is simple for the most part, so the big rules to follow when playing online slots is money management. Choosing the proper stakes levels for your playing bankroll is crucial to being able to play whenever one wishes to have a session. If one plays at stakes that are too high the natural win/loss variance of the game will cause them to use up all their playing bankroll before they hit a windfall.


To achieve maximum entertainment value an online slots game player should plan out their playing sessions. If they want to play for a specific time they should have enough money on hand to last for that session. Players should set time limits and cash limits every time they play so that they always have money left over to play their next session.

How to Play

Basic gameplay for online slots games is as simple as casino games get. Simply choose a game and make a wager, then spin the reels and wait to see if you won. Modern versions of online slots games can be more interactive, especially when playing a bonus round. Even these bonus rounds are simple, usually involving the player choosing from different options to win credits or free play.


If a player finds a new game intimidating or complicated they can always try the game out in free mode until they understand how it works. One should always remember that most online casinos offer help for players who have any questions about game play, banking, or registration. Playing slots is an easy pastime that can provide hours of entertainment and the potential to hit a big payday.The big attraction with 3D slots games are the bonus rounds. In 3D slots games bonus rounds are completely separate screens that offer high-energy animation scenes and allow the player to play out a bonus feature that will award credits or free spins based on the player�s decisions. The bonus rounds can provide a big payday that could turn a losing session into a winning one.